How to add additional dictionaries for iOS 7′s define feature

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The Define option in the iPhone and iPad text selector popup gives you dictionary definitions for most common words. It’s convenient because it can be accessed in only a couple of taps. But what if you’re in England and the U.S. dictionary keeps coming up? What if you also speak Italian or Japanese or Chinese and want to access those definitions as well? What if you’re traveling and want access to French? Luckily, iOS makes it easy to add and manage additional dictionaries so you can have the languages you want right where you want them!

How to enable multiple dictionaries in the define feature on your iPhone and iPad

  1. Hold down on the word you’d like to define.
  2. Tap on Define in the popup menu.
  3. tap on Manage in the bottom left hand corner of the Define section, .
  4. Tap on the Cloud icon to the right of the dictionaries you’d like to download.

Now try defining a word again and you should see all the dictionaries you have installed in iOS now.

That’s all there is to it. If you ever want to remove a dictionary just tap the “x” next to the dictionary name. Give it a try and let me know in the comments how it works for you! Is it a feature you can see yourself using? Had you already used it previously?


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An Ultra-Modern Feeder For Birds With Discerning Tastes

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An Ultra-Modern Feeder For Birds With Discerning Tastes

If you’ve found that the local bird population has been completely ignoring the feeder you hung for them to feast at, maybe the problem doesn’t lie with the nuts and seeds you’re offering. Maybe it’s the feeder itself. After all if you were a bird, would you rather eat from a hollowed out gourd, or this gorgeous ultra-modern crystal clear feeder?

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From Page to Screen: The Best Books Made into Movies

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With The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug finally hitting theaters, check out our picks for the best tomes to get the big-screen treatment.

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Want snow on your Google+ photos? Just shake your phone

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Add a little on-demand holiday cheer to any photo you take

The latest update to the Google+ app (and therefore the Photos app) lets you add on-demand animated snowfall to any picture you take. If you've been using Google+ to share photos lately and have "Auto Awesome" effects turned on you may notice many of your holiday-themed pictures adding snowfall and twinkling highlights automatically, but you can now do that under your own direction with the latest update.

Simply grab the new version of Google+, rolling out gradually today, and view one of your pictures in the app (or the Phtoos app, same thing). Give your phone a little shake while viewing the photo full-screen, and you'll see the same falling snow animation that was applied by Auto Awesome. Shake your phone again, and you'll save that new version of the photo and can share it out to your circles.

It's a fun little holiday-themed update to the app, and we're sure more than a few people will take advantage of the new feature.

Source: +Paul Sowden


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Airports Are Pretty Awesome When They’re Not Stressing You Out

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The default emotions in airports are pretty much all negative. You’re either late, exhausted, frustrated, hungry, regretting Panda Express, remembering all the crucial things that were in the checked bag you’ll never see again, or composing a complaint letter/Tweet in your head. But airports are also beautiful.

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Vector 22: Don Melton on transcoding video

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Vector 22: Don Melton on transcoding video

Don Melton, former Engineering Director of Internet Technologies at Apple, talks about his non-browser-based passions – Blu-Ray, transcoding, H.264, and managing massive amounts of media. Warning: Contains extreme nerdery.

Show notes




Yell at us via the Twitter accounts above (or the same names on ADN). Loudly.


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Spike Lee’s ‘Oldboy’: The Reviews Are In

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MTV News rounds up the early word on Lee’s remake of the most famous Korean film of the millennium.

By MTV News staff


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Stable Chrome OS update notches movable Shelf, Braille display support

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Google has just released a stable version of Chrome OS, and while it’s (sadly) not as huge as Chrome OS 32, it still comes with feature boosts for your device. Perhaps most notable is its newly added initial support for USB-connected Braille displays. Other than that, this stopgap follow-up to OS 31 tweaks the platform’s looks, starting by letting you drag the Shelf (or the app dock) from the bottom to either side of the screen. The company has also moved the launcher icon to the bottom left and made it, along with the app icons and status tray, more touch friendly for Pixel users. What’s more, if you use an avatar for either Chrome OS or Google+, you’ll find your profile picture preferences synced between the two. Almost everyone can now download these changes, which come bundled with the usual security and performance fixes. If you own an Acer C7, an HP Chromebook 11 or an HP Pavilion Chromebook, however, you’re going to have to sit this update out — better luck next time.

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Taylor Swift: Dating Douglas Booth?!

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It’s about time for her to start writing a new album, so it makes sense that Taylor Swift is rumored to be jumping into a fledgling relationship as well.

According to multiple outlets, the “I Knew You Were Trouble” songstress went on a secret date with “Romeo & Juliet” hunk Douglas Booth in London, England recently.

Though there’s not much in the way of juicy details just yet, if this pans out T. Swifty will have plenty of inspiration for the studio.

Also a male model, Douglas has a trio of projects in the pipeline including “Noah,” “Jupiter Ascending,” and “Posh.”

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Skeletons found in Calif. desert believed those of family missing 3 years

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SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (AP) — Four skeletons found in shallow graves in the Southern California desert are believed to be those of a San Diego County family that vanished three years ago, police said Friday, resolving one mystery and raising a host of new questions about what happened to the seemingly happy couple and their two young sons.

The McStay family — 40-year-old Joseph, his 43-year-old wife, Summer, and their sons Gianni, 4, and Joseph Jr., 3 — were apparent homicide victims, San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon said.

Police now will try to piece together what led the McStays to disappear and end up 100 miles from their home, not far off heavily traveled Interstate 15 connecting San Diego and Las Vegas. The family’s skeletal remains were found Monday by an off-road motorcyclist.

“It’s not really the outcome we were looking for, but it gives us courage to know that they’re together and they’re in a better place,” said Joseph McStay’s brother, Michael, struggling to speak through tears as other family members sobbed at a news conference.

“I know the sheriff’s and the FBI and everybody wants to bring this to justice,” he said. “I just want to know when it’s over. That’s all.”

McMahon said investigators don’t know many details, including when the McStays were killed, how long the bodies had been in the desert and if they were killed there or elsewhere. Evidence at the scene included some clothing, but McMahon wouldn’t say if authorities found a weapon or whether a cause of death was determined.

View gallery.”

FILE - These file images provided by the San Diego …

FILE – These file images provided by the San Diego Police Department shows members of the McStay fam …

However, he said: “There is investigative evidence that is at the scene that will help complete the investigation.”

The two graves, located about 50 yards off a dirt road, were 1- to 2-feet deep, and there were two bodies in each, McMahon said. Some of the bones had been dragged to the surface by animals, he added. He declined to say how the bodies were arranged in the graves.

The parents’ identities were determined through dental records. Police are awaiting DNA testing on the other remains but believe the skeletons are those of the couple’s boys.

The McStays disappeared without a trace from their home in Fallbroook, about 55 miles north of San Diego, in February 2010. There were no signs of forced entry at the residence or in their SUV, which was found parked near the U.S.-Mexico border.

Neither Joseph nor Summer had told family or friends they were leaving. When they were reported missing, authorities went to the house and found eggs that had rotted on the kitchen counter and two pet dogs in the backyard, indicating the family hadn’t prepared for an extended leave.

View gallery.”

The former home of Joseph McStay and his family is …

The former home of Joseph McStay and his family is seen Friday, Nov. 15, 2013, in Fallbrook, Calif.  …

Nothing was missing from the home, and the couple’s credit cards and tens of thousands of dollars in bank accounts never were touched.

Their McStays’ disappearance launched what San Diego County sheriff’s investigators called their most extensive missing-persons search ever.

Authorities pursued hundreds of tips and eventually came to believe the family left voluntarily for Mexico. One of the pieces of evidence supporting that theory was a poor-quality video that appeared to show four people matching the McStays’ descriptions walking into Tijuana, Mexico.

Some family members doubted the video showed the couple and their children. The case was later turned over to the FBI.

McMahon said Friday there’s no indication — at this point — the family ever went to Mexico.

“We’re looking at all options and investigating this crime from the beginning,” he said, adding that Mexican authorities were not assisting in the investigation.

The investigation, which had faded from the news, cracked open Monday when an off-road motorcyclist called police to say there were some bones in a semi-rural desert area near Victorville. The remains were identified as the McStays after local authorities contacted the Department of Justice and asked if there were any missing-person cases involving a family of four.


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